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When you place Mason Bee cocoons in April, the housing should face south or east for early morning sun to warm up their wings. The house should be placed at least 4 feet off the ground, preferably under a soffit, but out of direct sunlight. You should have at least 5 to 6 days of nice weather before placing your cocoons.



Make sure that at least 1/3 of your trees are in bloom to give the bees a decent food supply.



Mason Bees require food and mud to plug up the tunnel after they have deposited an egg on the pollen pillow.  You can dig a hole 1’ wide x 1’ deep.  You can also purchase a Mason Mud Bee Box, which can be placed anywhere in the shade up to 30’ from the house. 



Sometime in June, their life cycle should have ended. Once there are no more bee sightings, remove the condos and put them in a safe, dry place such as a garden shed away from birds and insects. 



Around the middle of October, you can open the condos and scrape all the cocoons out on a large table, then separate the cocoons from as much mud as possible and put it all in a big screen and rinse gently with cold water to wash all the mud off. It may require more than one washing. Lay them out on a large table to dry properly. When the cocoons are dry, place them in a large jar with play sand and shake gently. Repeat the process. This is done to remove any mites and other insects. 



We recommend placing your clean cocoons in wood or paper containers.  Your cocoons need to be stored at 30-40 degrees Fahrenheit and in a humidity range of 50-70%. 



We manufacture two models with two colours to complement this beautiful 60 condo Mason Bee home.  Our condos are made from stacked wood 
which makes it very easy to separate the cocoons from the condos.

This also makes it very effective for cleaning the condos properly from mites and other insects and preparing them for a new healthy spring season. It is essential to
do a very thorough cleaning of your condos in order to remove all mites and insects that moved into your condos over the summer months.  Many of the mites are also brought in by the Mason Bees which they attract during their pollination process.

The two bottom condo shelves are made to slide in and out.  They have a light plexiglass cover over them to not disturb the bees and makes it very easy to view them at work and watch the development of the new crop of Mason Bees.  This is educational and very popular with children.

We do not recommend using the straw system. Even by replacing the old straws, there will always be mites and insects underneath the old straws.  If left

unchecked, they will rapidly multiply and definitely harm and destroy your future crops of Mason Bees.

Bamboo sticks are also a problem because they cannot be cleaned unless you break them open and they then become unusable,

Custom Observation Trays