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The Amazing Pollinator



I am a retired senior who worked hard all his life and has never had time to develop a hobby in his younger years. I tried golfing and other activities, but never developed a passion for any of them. One day I was speaking to my brother on his farm and he mentioned the shortage of bees for his blueberry farm. Immediately I became very interested,  but did not want to be involved with honeybees because they are very labour-intensive.  Then a friend mentioned Mason Bees to me and after some research I knew this would be my new hobby. I could help the bee population and also help our food supply. We all know that bees are in a major decline for various reasons.

I am now very busy building Mason Bee condos and homes and spreading the word for these amazing pollinators. In your travels you may see some of my Mason Bee homes in parks and golf courses.  I also may be willing to rent and maintain Mason Bee homes for selected homeowners .

The Mason Bee is your best pollinator for spring flowers, gardens and fruit trees. They are very gentle and independent. Here are some of the questions  always asked.

Do they make honey?  No.
The Mason Bees are independent workers, they outperform honeybees 300 honeybees to one Mason Bee.  They have no queen, do not swarm and only sting if you capture them in your hand. I was told the sting is like a mosquito bite.  I have never been stung by a Mason Bee since I have been working with them.

They will only fly approximately 300 feet from their  Mason Bee house, therefore making them excellent pollinators for your home garden experience. 

To start your own Mason Bees experience or  if you have questions, do not hesitate to email me as I’m always delighted to help increase our bee population. The Mason Bee's are so much fun to bee watch.

Saving our environment, one 🐝 at a time!

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