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The Mason Bee is a solitary bee that works independently and is dark metallic green or blue resembling a black fly.  Mason Bees are used for pollinating spring fruits and flowers.  Six Mason Bees can pollinate an entire tree.  It would take three hundred and sixty Honey Bees to pollinate the same tree. 



As Honey Bees are declining throughout North America there is a need to rely on other types of bees and pollinators for food production and natural processes.  Mason Bees are great pollinators as they are fast and can carry a lot of pollen.


Mason Bees differ from Honey Bees in that they do not make honey or have a queen.  They do not swarm and only sting if handled roughly or trapped under clothing. The male bee has no stinger, whereas the female stinger is the equivalent to a mosquito bite.


Mason Bees require nesting holes, which we refer to as condos.  They can be small holes in trees or man-made wood blocks.  The wood blocks can be separated and cleaned in the fall from all mites and other insects.  These wood blocks can be re-used year after year. 



Mason Bees are unique in that they will only fly approximately 300 feet from their nests.  You and your neighbors will both benefit from the bees. 



The Mason Bee Company was created to inspire and educate the public about the benefits of Mason Bees and increase your garden’s productivity.  As the Honey Bees population declines, home gardeners can play an important role in attracting bees and other pollinators.